Rebecca's Rabbitry
Velveteen Lops
Raised Pedigreed Velveteen Lops from 2004 to 2010! Now in 2015 we
started our herd up again!
My goal is to raise Velveteen Lops with very nice type, fur and ears as
long as possible, conforming to the current ARBA working standard.
Velveteens are still working to become an ARBA recognized breed.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me!
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RD's Clancy's Theme
aaBBCcddeje Enen
Blue/Fawn Tri-Color Sr Buck
Parents:  SFB Chariots of Fire (Black/Orange
Tri-Color) X Myers' Whiter Than Snow (REW)
DOB: November 19, 2006 Weight: 6.08 lbs
15 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches
Comments: Clancy has fabulous English Lop
type and very nice Velvet fur! Excellent crown
placement, ears hang correctly and has NO ear
control! Proven sire, throws beautiful kids.
RD's April Love
_aBBccDdee En_n
Ruby Eyed White Senior Doe
Parents: Folklore & Fables Alan (Brk Orange)
X RD's Over the Rainbow (Brk Blue Tortoise)
DOB: April 21, 2009 Weight: 5.09 lbs
15 1/4 X 3 1/2 inches
Comments: Amazing girl! Awesome fur and
type. Excellent crown and ear placement. Ears
hang correctly and are a nice length and
width. Her first litter is in the nestbox and
she's a great mom!
RD's Autumn Leaves
aaBBC_Ddee enen
Black Tortoise Senior Doe (Mom's doe)
Parents: Krause's Blueberry (Blue)
X CK's Runaway (Broken Tortoise)
DOB: May 29, 2009
Weight: 5.06 lbs
13 X 3 inches
Comments: Very nice fur and excellent type.
Could use a bit longer shoulder. Very tiny girl,
unfortunately with ears to match. LOADS of
RD's Rafferty
_aBBcc__eje En_n
Ruby Eyed White Senior Doe (Mom's doe)
Parents: CK's/RD's Maple Leaf Rag (Tri-Color)
X RD's Tears & Roses (Brk Tort)
DOB: October 25, 2009
Weight: 6.06 lbs at 5 months
14 1/2 X 3 1/4 inches
Comments: Good type, her fur is growing in
beautiful! Very thick and velvety. Ears look
like they'll balance with her body nicely.
Crown is placed too far forward on her head,
making her ears hang incorrectly. Breeding to
Clancy should fix that.
Just a few of my Velvets from years gone by:
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Velveteen Lops

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CK's/RD's Maple Leaf Rag
AaBBC_Ddej_ Enen
Black/Orange Tri-Color Senior Buck
Parents: RD's Clancy's Theme (Blue/Fawn
Tri-Color) X Folklore & Fables Mandy
Weight: 6.08 lbs
16 X 3 3/4 inches
Comments: Gorgeous color! Excellent type!
We are back! Starting up a Velveteen herd again! We
are so excited to have found Floppsy, that traces back
to my old bloodlines!
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