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Mini Lops SOLD:
RD's Rocket
Jr Orange Buck
Parents: RD's Beacon (Orange)
X RD's Nostalgia (Orange)
DOB: May 30, 2016
Comments: Beautiful clean color! Not a very upright
fellow, but his ear furring is phenomenal. He'll be
bred to one of my does to see if he can pass those
fuzzy ears to his offspring.
$80 w/ pedigree
RD's Rosa
Sr Orange Doe
Parents: Dwarf Villa's Rusty (Reg, Orange)
X Dwarf Villa's Reminisce (Orange)
DOB: July 3, 2015
Comments: Beautiful clean color on this girl. Nice
big breeding doe, proven great mom. Will be a great
match with Rocket!
$60 w/ pedigree
RD's Vintage
Sr Orange Doe
Parents: RD's Ripley (Orange)
X RD's Nostalgia (Orange)
DOB: February 20, 2016
Comments: Beautiful clean color on this big girl!
$60 w/ pedigree