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Glennen Omnistitch Embellishment Machine
In excellent working condition. I included a copy of the manual for this machine.
These machines are also good for free-motion quilting.
Is there a specific part you are looking for? Contact
us, we can usually find it for you.
$150 + $35 USPS Shipping
COPY of the Instruction Manual for:
Glennen Omnistitch Embellishment Machine
Ten Loose pages, 8 1/2 X 11. Can easily be slipped into page protectors or
punch holes and insert in a three ring binder, etc.
(This is a copy of the manual, not an original.)
$10 - w/ free 1st class shipping
Other parts available for the
Glennen Omnistitch Embellishment Machine:
Bobbin Case & 6 Metal Bobbins
$12 - w/ free 1st class shipping
Set of 10 Metal Bobbins
$8 - w/ free 1st class shipping
Replacement Belt
$10 - w/ free 1st class shipping
10 Needles 135X7 (size 20
recommended for heavy material)
$10 - w/ free 1st class shipping
Replacement Screw In Spool Pin
$8 - w/ free 1st class shipping
Singer 221 Featherweight Sewing Machine
Serial number: AG982216  That indicates he was made in 1947.
In excellent working condition. Ready to sew! Sews smooth and quiet. Comes
with foot pedal, cord, 1 bobbin and the black carrying case (no handle on top).