Rebecca's Rabbitry
Quilt Shoppe
is located near Pe Ell Wash.
Do you have Grandma's sewing machine and wonder if it still
works? I can get it to sew again!

Sewing Machine Repair services:
Specializing in the older Antique and Vintage Sewing
Machines dating from the 1860s to the 1970s.
I do not repair computerized machines.

Most machines just need a basic tune-up.

$25 Basic Tune-Up (Complete oil and lube job)

I can find parts and manuals for most vintage machines.

Also able to find needles, treadle belts, replacement motors,
motor belts, spoked handwheels and handcranks. I can
rewire your foot pedal and plug or find replacement cords,
pedals, plugs for your machine.

Here are just a few of the machines we have worked on:
Singer 500 "The Rocket"
Electric circa 1950s
Singer 192"Spartan"
Electric circa 1960s
Singer 28
Handcrank circa 1889
Carl Mahr
German-made Treadle
Gritzner R circa 1890s
German-made Handcrank
Singer Merritt
Singer 221 "Celery"
Electric circa 1950s-60s
Singer 222 "Free Arm"
Electric circa 1950s-60s
American 1
circa 1860s
Singer 12
Treadle circa 1876
Singer 24
Chainstitchers circa 1920s
German-made Handcrank
Singer 185
Electric circa 1950s
Singer 319
Electric circa 1950s
Singer 301
Electric circa 1950s
Singer 20
Handcrank "toy"
Singer 66 "Red Eye"
Handcrank circa 1920
Wheeler & Wilson 9
Handcrank circa 1900s
Treadle circa 1880s
Vesta Zig Zag
German-made Industrial Treadle