Rebecca's Rabbitry
New Zealands
We raised New Zealands from 1987 until 1995 when we
switched over to Mini Lops. Started our New Zealand herd up
again in 2008 after a 13 year vacation from meat breeds! We'll
be keeping a small herd of purebred pedigreed show bunnies so
we can sell to people who want to start up their own meat herd
with quality rabbits! We are working with Red, White and
New Zealand senior bucks are to be 9-11 pounds
and New Zealand senior does are to be 10-12 pounds.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me!
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The breeds I raise:
English Lops
French Lops
Mini Lops
New Zealands
Netherland Dwarfs

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We no longer raise New Zealands.