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I have had bunnies as pets since 1987. My first rabbits that I raised were my Mini Lops. I got my first Mini Lop
breeding bunnies in 1995 which consisted of Chestnuts, Opals, REWs and Chinchillas.
In 2004 I finally found a long-sought-after Tri-Color! The Tris are my favorite variety and I have registered stock
that produces Tri-Colors in all four varieties: Black/Orange, Blue/Fawn, Chocolate/Orange & Lilac/Fawn! My goal
is to improve the type so my Tri-Colors can beat even the gorgeous Chestnuts that are out there on the show
tables! I'm now starting to show my junior Tri-Colors, hopefully we'll come home with some legs this year!
I also have some lovely Chocolate & Lilac varieties I work with. I've raised Chocolates since 2003, two that I
know of have gone on to become Grand Champions!
My Mini Lop bloodlines are mostly my own RD's lines now with a few new Minis mixed in here and there for
genetic diversity. I move my generations along quickly so I can improve faster and keep better and better stock
with each generation, so I usually have some very nice seniors for sale along with lots of juniors!
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Mini Lops

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Lucky 3's Clint
A_BBC_DdEE enen
Chestnut Buck
Parents: Jones's Cricket (Reg, Brk Chestnut)
Jones's Dahlia (Reg, Chestnut)
DOB: April 4, 2017
RD's Rosie
A_B_C_D_E_ Enen
Broken Chestnut Doe
Parents: Lucky 3's Clint (Chestnut)
X RD's Chartreuse (Black/Orange Tri-Color)
DOB: May 21, 2018
RD's Sam
A_BbC_D_Eej Enen
Broken Chestnut Buck
Parents: Lucky 3's Clint (Chestnut)
X RD's Amadea (Broken Chocolate Chestnut)
DOB: May 22, 2018
RD's Bingo Boffin
A_B_C_D_ejej Enen
Black/Orange Tri-Color Buck
Parents: RD's Sam (Brkn Chestnut)
X RD's Chartreuse (Black/Orange Tri-Color)
DOB: May 20, 2019
RD's Esmeralda
A_B_C_D_ejej Enen
Black/Orange Tri-Color Doe
Parents: RD's Pippin (Brkn Chestnut)
X RD's Chartreuse (Black/Orange Tri-Color)
DOB: March 5, 2019