Rebecca's Rabbitry
French Lops
I have raised show quality, registered French Lops since 2005! They
are a HUGE, friendly breed of rabbit.  Bucks must be at least 11
pounds, does must be at least 11 1/2 pounds. Striving for BIG rabbits  
conforming to the ARBA Standard of Perfection.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me!
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The breeds I raise:
English Lops
French Lops
Mini Lops

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RD's Shadowfax
A_BBc(chl)_ddE_ enen
Smoke Pearl Chinchilla Buck
Parents: Edens' Frederick the Great (Reg, 1 leg, Chestnut)
X RD's Ellinor (Chinchilla)
DOB: August 2, 2017