Mini Lops For Sale:
Mini Lops are the smallest Lop breed that I raise, weighing 5-6 1/2 pounds when fully
grown.  They have a very sweet quiet personality. Both bucks and does make great pets
for children.
The breeds I raise:
English Lops
French Lops
Mini Lops

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Rabbits For Sale
Welcome to the For Sale page!
If you see a bunny you think you would like, feel free to email me!

Sorry, I do not ship. All sales are final. No refunds, returns or exchanges. Cash, Western
Union, Wal-Mart Moneygram or Money Orders are accepted. No personal checks.

I prefer Paypal, my Paypal address is

First come, first served. Rabbits will NOT be held without a 50%
non-refundable deposit.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me!
I am located in the Port Orchard, Washington area.

Sorry no shipping through airlines or overseas at this time.
French Lops For Sale:
French Lops are the largest breed of lops, usually 11-15 pounds when they are fully grown.
An extremely large breed of Lop, a lot of fun to pet, sometimes too heavy/awkward to pick
up easily. Some are shy, some are moody and would rather not be handled. Others are
super sweet and friendly and look forward to petting, treats and playtime in the yard.
English Lops For Sale:
English Lops are the most outgoing and friendly breed of lops. They LOVE people,
toys, treats, being petted, playing in the yard, walking on a leash, going to rabbit
shows, visiting nursing homes, etc. They weigh 9-12 pounds when fully grown.
English Lops are not moody, both bucks and does make wonderful fun-loving pets.
No French Lops for sale at this time.
Check back later this Fall!
Broken Chestnut Buck
Born May 21, 2018
Parents: Lucky 3's Clint (Chestnut)
X RD's Chartreuse (Tri-Color)
$60 w/ pedigree - ready to go