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Rebecca's Rabbitry
English Lops
Raising Pedigreed, Registered English Lops since 2003!
Bucks are to be 9 1/2 pounds minimum and Does are to
be 10 1/2 pounds minimum. I have almost all English
Lop varieties, including the rarest colors: Chinchillas,
Ruby Eyed White, Black/Orange & Blue/Fawn
Tri-Colors, Chocolates, Lilacs, etc! My goal is to raise
English Lops with very nice type and ears as long as
possible, conforming to the ARBA Standard of
Perfection. My E-Lop ears are ranging from 24 to 27
inches so far! In 2008 I finished 3 years of work and
produced purebred Tri-Colors in Black/Orange and
Blue/Fawn. I have also developed a true Chocolate
variety in the English Lops. Having worked on them
since June 2007, I reached purebred status in 2010!
Any questions? Feel free to contact me!
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The breeds I raise:
English Lops
French Lops
Mini Lops

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