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RD's Utopia
A_bbC_ddEe Enen
Senior Broken Lynx Buck
Parents: RD's Poseidon (Chinchilla)
X RD's Gwendolyn (Broken Blue Tortoise)
: 22 3/4 X 5 inches
DOB: February 16, 2015
Weight: 7.04 lbs at 3 1/2 months
Comments: True Lilac Chestnut from my
chocolate project! Very exciting!
RD's Pendragon
AaBBC_D_eje Enen
Senior Black/Orange Tri-Color Buck
Parents: RD's Trinidad (Reg, Tri-Color)
X RD's Lady Genevieve (Broken Tortoise)
: 23 X 5 inches
DOB: April 8, 2015
Comments: Beautiful solid boy. Excellent type!
Perhaps too heavy on the black, but what a great
match for anything lacking in tri markings!
RD's Sparky
A_BBc(chd)_D_ej_ Enen
Broken Black Magpie Buck
Parents: RD's Bald Face Hornet (Black Magpie)
X RD's Ransom (Black/Orange Tri-Color)
: inches
DOB: February 28, 2016
Weight:  lbs
RD's Elmer
A_BbC_ddE_ Enen
Broken Opal Buck
Parents: RD's Lion of Judah (Blue/Fawn Tri-Color)
X RD's Xanadu (Brk Chocolate Chestnut)
DOB: May 30, 2016