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FAQs about Pedigrees &
I have had a lot of questions like:
what is a pedigree? what is a registration certificate?
what is the point in registering my rabbit? what is a
grand champion leg? how do I get a red seal registration
paper for my rabbit?
I'll try to answer these questions on this page. I DO NOT
know everything, so if you have any comments or
corrections I'd love to hear them!

Any questions? Feel free to contact me!
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A Pedigree is written proof that your rabbit is a
purebred. It should:
be signed by the original breeder
have the rabbit's name AND ear number
have the rabbit's color (aka variety)
have the rabbit's date of birth
have the rabbit's weight (rabbit must be at least 6
months old to have his weight on it)

And it must have all 14 of the rabbit's ancestors
(3 generations) on the pedigree with each of their
color, weight, name and ear number.

The more information you put on your pedigrees
the better! i.e. registration numbers, grand
champion numbers, show winnings, number of
legs won, etc.
 All pedigrees are a little bit
This is a picture of the pedigree style that I use!
Do not change any part of your rabbit's name.
You can 'call' him whatever you like, but you
may not change any of the writing on the
If your rabbit comes to you with the name RD's
Buster, you can call him Fluffy if you like, but
his pedigreed name must stay RD's Buster!
You can not change the rabbit's prefix on his
name either. That lets people know what
rabbitry he was born at!! (My rabbitry prefix is
RD's.) All rabbits born here have RD's in front of
their name.
Registration Paper:
A Registration Paper "denotes Quality, as no
animal possessing a disqualification can be
registered." In other words, it proves that your
rabbit fits his particular breed's Standard. To be
registered, a rabbit must:
have a complete 3 generation pedigree
be at least 6 months old
be checked over by an ARBA licensed Registrar to
make sure he matches his breed's Standard

A Red Seal is placed on your Registration Paper if
BOTH of your rabbit's parents are Registered!

A Red&White Seal is placed on your Registration
Paper if BOTH of your rabbit's parents are
Registered and ALL FOUR of your rabbit's
grandparents are registered.

A Red,White&Blue Seal is placed on your
Registration Paper if ALL THREE GENERATIONS
(14 ancestors) on your rabbit's pedigree are
A Registration Paper with a
Red,White&Blue Seal.
A Registration Paper with a Red&White Seal.
A Registration Paper with a Red Seal.
A standard Registration Paper (both sides).
Registration papers are issued by ARBA
(American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.)
Grand Champion Legs:
A Grand Champion Leg (or GC Leg, or Leg) is
awarded to a rabbit if he wins 1st place of at least
5 rabbits! The 5 rabbits must be owned by at least
3 different people.

Legs will also be given out for:
BIS - Best In Show
RIS - Reserve In Show
BOB - Best of Breed
BOSB (or BOS) - Best Opposite Sex of Breed
BOG - Best of Group
BOSG - Best Opposite Sex of Group
BOV - Best of Variety
BOSV - Best Opposite Sex of Variety

Again, to win a GC Leg for any of these there
must be at least 5 rabbits shown. And they must
be owned by at least 3 different people.

Rabbits can win only 1 Leg per rabbit show. The
rabbit show must be sanctioned by the ARBA
(American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.).
2 Grand Champion Legs
Grand Champion Certificate:
A Grand Champion Certificate is awarded to a
rabbit that has won at least 3 legs. At least one of
the legs must be won as a senior or intermediate
and the wins must be under at last 2 different

The Grand Champion Certificate is awarded "in
recognition of its (the rabbit's) superior quality,
having demonstrated excellence in Competition
according to the standards of the ARBA."
A Grand Champion Certificate
Best In Show Award:
A Best in Show Award (or certificate) is awarded
to a rabbit that is chosen as the best rabbit in the
show and has won a GC Leg from it. You send the
Leg into the ARBA and they will send it back
along with the BIS Award certificate!
A Best In Show Certificate
Ribbons are awarded at rabbit shows. Usually for
1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place. Some shows will
award a special ribbon for BOV (best of variety).
If their was enough rabbits shown to win Legs, a
special Rosette ribbon will usually be given for
BOB and BOSB. (best of breed & best opposite sex
of breed)
An example of some different styles of

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